Which chart to use when comparing data? Tell your story effectively.

  Data visualization is powerful for us to explore, discover, analyze, and communicate our findings. However, when it comes to the right chart to use, some of us are at a cross road. After all, there are so many! Line chart, pie chart, bar chart, area chart, donut chart, scattered plot, the list goes on and on, and […]

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Let’s not forget about data warehouse.

A great number of folks get instantly attracted to data visualization, whether it is powered by Power BI, Tableau, or other “big data tools” that they forget the beauty should be built on a solid foundation – a sound data warehouse. When the data set is small, we can still get away with using the […]

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Data… data… data…

In today’s data frenzy world, organizations begin to realize how much value their data could provide them. All of a sudden, data visualization becomes utmost important for business users to see the untapped revenue potential and hidden relationships among products. Many vendors are delivering their own BI tools. Even Google is entering the field with […]

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