PFM is a full service land company established in the 1980s to provide comprehensive land support to the oil and gas industry. Presence Consulting Group (PCG) was contracted to consolidate various geodatabases to enable a dynamic land input system, which served as a GIS platform for field land men to edit and enter information via the internet on mobile devices.


Over the years, PFM has accumulated various land systems to keep track of owner information for its right-of-way research. The process for landmen to do title research became very inefficient. Within the oil and gas industry, surface rights is separated from underground mineral rights for a parcel of land; since PFM’s in-house systems tracked them differently, it made having an overview of all assets impossible.


PCG took a deep dive into PFM’s existing land systems and databases, visited with landmen from different regions, and made sure the solution be aligned with the long range company’s IT direction. Our first step was to consolidate existing databases and standardized relationships among landowners and rights. At the same time, we collected and contrasted UI requirements from super users to start designing a dynamic land ownership interface. There were also a number of business validations to be incorporated. The resulting technical system greatly improved the accuracy of input data and lowered the cost of user training.

After this phase of work was done, Presence Consulting Group was selected again to be the consulting partner to work on revamping PFM’s GIS platform, leveraging

ESRI ArcGIS platform.

Services Provided

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Application Development
  • Database Design and Tuning

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