Low Cost Vans Co., based in the UK is one of the leading providers of van leasing and van contract hire for businesses and individuals. They contracted Presence Consulting Group to rebuild their ordering system for sales professionals to integrate their van rentals and lease-to-buy processes and create one seamless workflow.

Using our newly designed system, their staff does not need to go through different checklists for questions and forms for various order types. Based on the order selection, required forms will get pulled up in the system and salespeople from LCV can walk their customers through a very easy process to complete their orders. This automated workflow is estimated to have cut down 23% of call duration when taking an order and eliminated 80% of overhead of salespeople’s time to call customers back for additional compliance-related information.


Low Cost Vans realized their ordering process was inefficient, and they spent a lot of time training their salespeople to learn about the different requirements of the various sales processes and keep track of different checklists. Furthermore, when there was missing information the salesperson tended to waste cycles chasing documents or forms instead of generating new sales.


We first looked at the various order types with respect to types of financing and entities such as corporations, partnerships, or an individual. All those variations drove a slightly different sales process and have shared, as well as, different requirements. We interviewed and made sure all scenarios were accounted for as business analysts. As we streamlined the process, we consolidated shared steps and designed where the unique steps should come in a workflow. This design process was very important and was a necessary precursor to a successful project.

After we refined the business requirements, we architected the workflow system based on Microsoft .NET technology and SQL Server. Intuitive user interface and quick system response are the two big success criteria here: salespeople want the UI to be very clear about what they need to select to move forward and the system needs to perform well so customers do not have wait on the phone. Our team took that to heart and created a solution exceeding our user expectation.

Services Provided

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Application Development
  • Database Design & Tuning

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